Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System
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Our Products


Alessandro Gaeta is certified for quality standard ISO 9001 and for environmental standard ISO 14001.

The development of new products and after-sale specialised technical assistance have contributed to the growth of the Company. In particular, Alessandro Gaeta has developed the production and marketing of special products for the industrial waste sector and for the treatment of all types of oily waste.

Oil & Gas Products

Used in all upstream and downstream activities of the oil industry, or in the extraction, collection and pumping of oil and natural gas, and during…

Fuel Additives – Private Label and Third Party

Used in all downstream activities of the oil industry, and in particularly in the automotive, truck and maritime sectors to improve performance and reduce emissions.

Water treatment products

Complete range of products for civil and industrial wastewater treatment, boiler, cooling, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration processes.

Specialty products for Maintenance

A series of solvent-based and water-based products for various maintenance activities including mechanical and electrical ones.