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Our services

What we offer to our customers


Third party manufacturing

The factory of Genova Bolzaneto operates on an area of 4,000 sm of which 2,000 are covered. It also has warehouses of about 1,600 square meters for the storage of finished products. The Company has long since obtained the tax warehouse license for the production of fuel additives. In addition, warehousing and logistics for some customers is offered.

The raw materials stored at the factory consists of an extensive range of solvents, organic and inorganic products of different types. The versatility and differentiation of the production plants allow the production of both solvent-and oil-based products, but also aqueous-based products of all types (acid, neutral, alkaline).

Counting on several blending units having cooling and heating jackets and capacities ranging from 200 L up to 6 m3,  the Company can satisfy Customer requests.
The company also produces mixtures of solid products.

The location of the production site, being only 5 km away from the Port of Genoa, one of the most important ports in the Mediterrean Sea, allows to easily export goods.


Third party packaging

The Company offers a packaging service in various types of containers (from 0,1 to 1000 L). In fact, there are several packaging lines for different formats ranging from 100 mL up to 1000 Liters and in bulk.


Research & Development of new products

The development of new products and specialised after-sales assistance have contributed to the growth of the company. In particular, Alessandro Gaeta has developed the production and marketing of special products for the industrial waste sector and for the treatment of all types of oily waste. These activities reflect Alessandro Gaeta’s attention to environmental issues. These activities are carried out in our chemical laboratory which allows us to develop new products, to carry out quality control of production and to provide assistance to customers.


"Tailor-Made" solutions

Our team of chemists and our laboratory, combined with the production plant and over hundred years of experience, allow us to develop formulations and products on behalf of our customers. This activity is carried out in the utmost confidentiality and following the stipulation of NDAs.